We are a Spin-out Company of

Imperial College London


We develop sustainable and cost-effective advanced materials and thin films, such as metal oxide particles, with sizes ranging from nano to macro, for widespread applications of today and tomorrow. Our fine control of particle properties enables us to create advanced materials that are more efficient than conventional ones, which allows improvement of existing products and development of new ones.


<strong>Francisco Malaret</strong>
Francisco Malaret

Discovery of the core technology during his Ph.D. at Imperial College’s Chemical Engineering Department.
Experience in process design and scale-up of new sustainable technologies developed at laboratory scale.

<strong>Kyra Sedransk Campbell</strong>
Kyra Sedransk Campbell

Royal Society – EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Sheffield
Leading research for new sustainable synthesis of metal-based materials

<strong>Jason Hallett</strong>
Jason Hallett

Professor in Sustainable Chemical Technology at Imperial College’s Chemical Engineering Department.
He has obtained more than £10 million in research support, including several projects under commercial development.